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Picture of Catshill School Based Training: Computing & ICT Strand

Phase: S - secondary P -primary Celebrating Children’s Work S,P Curriculum Planning (computing) P Literacy and Blogging S,P Computing S,P BBC Micro:bits S,P Digital Leader Training (technical) S,P £575 per day plus expenses. Call to arrange purchase using code THEETA2018


Picture of Catshill: Share & Celebrate - Publish.School

Publish.School is the cost effective way to share and celebrate the work that takes place in your school. • A place to showcase children’s work that perfectly complements the school website. • An easy to remember address with pages that can be edited quickly by any member of staff. • Pages for every class that are easy to set up, manage and update without having to know the technical stuff. • A safe and secure place for children to be inspired that can be shared with, and seen by, family and friends across the world.


Picture of Library: An Essential Guide to Digital Literacy

Originally issued as a Naace Essential Guide, now revised, updated and re-issued in support of Naace