Picture of Catshill School Based Training: Computing & ICT Strand

Phase: S - secondary P -primary Celebrating Children’s Work S,P Curriculum Planning (computing) P Literacy and Blogging S,P Computing S,P BBC Micro:bits S,P Digital Leader Training (technical) S,P £575 per day plus expenses. Call to arrange purchase using code THEETA2018


Picture of Catshill: Share & Celebrate - Publish.School

Publish.School is the cost effective way to share and celebrate the work that takes place in your school. • A place to showcase children’s work that perfectly complements the school website. • An easy to remember address with pages that can be edited quickly by any member of staff. • Pages for every class that are easy to set up, manage and update without having to know the technical stuff. • A safe and secure place for children to be inspired that can be shared with, and seen by, family and friends across the world.


Picture of CI Digital Leadership

Digital leaders are pupils in schools. They can have a wide variety of roles. We provide a comprehensive development and support programme for your digital leaders.