Picture of J2E Software Accredited Support

Training and support for all aspects of the J2E suite of software tools. Day rate.


Picture of Library: BBC Creative Archive Photo Collection

A small collection of still images from the BBC There are collections of animals and plants (39), and the environment (38) . Issued in 2006 under the Creative Archive Licence. For terms of use please go to


Picture of Library: Using Visualisers to Support Learning

Visualisers remain common in classrooms, with teachers and children at every stage of development.


Picture of ClickView

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Primary and Secondary schools, which are accessible through our BYOD-friendly video platform.

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Picture of Catshill: A Learning Partnership - One Year Support

A 12 month support package for schools that provides access to independent curriculum and technical advice including strategic planning for Computing, ICT and Online Safety.


Picture of Catshill: Share & Celebrate - Publish.School

Publish.School is the cost effective way to share and celebrate the work that takes place in your school. • A place to showcase children’s work that perfectly complements the school website. • An easy to remember address with pages that can be edited quickly by any member of staff. • Pages for every class that are easy to set up, manage and update without having to know the technical stuff. • A safe and secure place for children to be inspired that can be shared with, and seen by, family and friends across the world.