Ashford Prep School


The leading schools across the world focus their efforts on just two simple areas: developing key personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviours, and optimising the achievements of their pupils across a wide range of fields beyond and including the academic.

At Ashford School, our educational philosophy is based on a very simple assumption: if a pupil is happy and secure, they are more likely to be successful. To achieve this, we believe that learning should be challenging, motivating and lead to a sense of fulfilment. This is why we strive to provide an environment that encourages growth and adventure so that our students can develop into all they are capable of being.

We are proud to be a TheETA Founder school, and achieved the TheETA Schools Award in September 2018, one of the first schools in the country.   

Picture of Founder School Advice on achieving the TheETA schools Award

Ashford Prep School is one of the first schools in the country to achieve the TheETA Schools Award, and is a TheETA founder school.