Vision & Mission

Our vision is for all learners to thrive, achieve and contribute in an increasingly digital society and culture.

Our mission is to create an engagement platform or central place that provides the knowledge, tools, and shared practice to equip educators (and others) to improve the teaching and learning of their students through the effective use of appropriate (education) technology.

TheETA will establish COMMUNITY, RESOURCES, RECOGNITION, and opportunities to participate and ENGAGE, to enable this new era of technology transformed education.


The TheETA Forum is a place where you can share and discuss with other like-minded peers (who are passionate about improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology): tips and ideas, inspiration, and practical lessons learned.

Access articles, news, events, guidance, best practice, and latest trends from around the world, through the TheETA Blog.


Access and share free resources to empower learners and teachers in a digital world.

Purchase actionable, proven resources in the TheETA Marketplace that are provided by TheETA approved Education Technology Product and Service vendors.


The first of the TheETA Awards to be developed will be the Schools Award. Transforming education requires us to rethink how we teach and learn. The time for change is now. The TheETA Schools Award provides a framework for rethinking education and equips, motivates and recognises schools that effectively use technology to improve teaching and learning, and strive to prepare their students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in a global, interconnected, constantly changing society.


There are a number of ways you can engage and participate in TheETA.

Free Subscription

A Subscriber can share and discuss with like-minded peers in the TheETA Forum. They have access to all the content in the TheETA Blog. They can access and share free resources, and purchase actionable, proven resources in the TheETA Marketplace.


A TheETA approved Education Technology Product and Service vendor provides high-quality products and services that are aligned to the vision and mission of TheETA, and the goals of the TheETA community. They build relationships with educators and education leaders, and communicate and collaborate within the developing TheETA community.


A TheETA Supporter has access to the same benefits as a free Subscriber, but in addition provide time, materials, and other practical support to help TheETA achieve its vision and mission.

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TheETA offers multiple advertising and sponsorship opportunities through our digital channels.

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